Monday, January 28, 2013

Why you should use Google Drive

When was the last time that you backed up all of your important Documents on your computer? I'm guessing its been a while. Many people don't realize how close they are to loosing all of their data. Google drive fixed this.... and its free. I use it for all of my school notes and typing papers, its great!

Main reasons to try Google Drive:

-Microsoft office is very expensive
-Drive is FREE
-Everything is backed up in the cloud
-Edit, view, print from mobile phone
-access from ANY computer
-Saves as you type

Have you ever needed to email yourself a document or put something on a flash drive? With Google Drive you wont ever have to again. Its typing in the cloud.

As an added feature you can upload any file to your drive....its like "Dropbox" if you are familiar with that. you can upload music, pictures, word docs, anything.

Drive can be found at You will need a Gmail account to use it, if your interested go check it out.

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