Monday, January 28, 2013

Google Wallet, and Why You Should Use It...

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So who uses Google Wallet? Show of hands.... no one? Does any one know what it is....? My guess is most of you don't, and if you bought an Android device on Sprint in the last year, you probably have it. Just check your app Drawer.

Google Wallet is an app that uses NFC, a short range wireless signal, to transmit data. Many of your credit cards have a "fast tap" "paypass" or "blink" feature where you can "Tap to Pay."

The Problem with "Tap to Pay" credit cards is that they are insecure. Someone can easily steal all of your credit card information, and make a fake copy.

Whats great about Google wallet is that by default, phones do not transmit data when the screen is off, so the chance of someone bumping into you and taking all of your credit card info is slim to none. Also, the app itself is PIN protected, and you can password protect your phone as well. If you loose your physical wallet , well then all of your cards are in the hands of a stranger, but if you loose your phone you can keep a thief out with these features

As an added security feature, you can download the Lookout Mobile Security App from the Play Store, and take a picture of the jerk who took your phone, AND track him down.

The set-up of Google Wallet is simple, just enter the credit card info into the app of any card you want to use, verify it...and that's it.

Using the app is even easier, just unlock your phone, tap it on the credit card machine when checking out at a participating retailer (around me McDonald's  Meijer, and Rite-Aid all have terminals). The app will launch itself when you tap the phone, just enter your pin and voila! payment made!

Check it out for yourself.

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