Monday, January 28, 2013

Mission Statement

For years I have been chasing too many online, mainly tech based blogs. From subject specific sites like  Phandroid to full fledged tech everything sites, like Engadget. My problem is that while I like the writing style of sites such as Phandroid, they are obviously slanted towards Google (which really is their main objective).

Sites like Phandroid don't give me all the info in the tech world I need, so my Google Reader is chop full of other sites. The idea of Engadget is on-point, to have a one stop shop for everything tech, but is still crammed full of bias towards one side or another. Then there are "how-to" sites and forums, but those talk in ways the average consumer would not understand. I'm aiming to talk about any news in technology, to post on the weekends when all other blogs seem to shut down, and to give the most "open minded" posts I possibly can.

While I like to cover a lot of different topics, and be unbiased, my main goal is to give you information you can understand. I want to show the average consumer how to use technology in new exciting ways that they never could before. You would be amazed with what is out there today, and how you can use it to make your life better.


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