Monday, January 28, 2013

About me, disclaimer

I am a full time student at Central Michigan University, and a full time sales rep with Sprint. I work for a sprint corporate store here in Mt Pleasant MI. Because of this, I will be somewhat limited in what I can talk about on new phones coming out from sprint, specifically what is listed in sprints "Playbook" which is a document that is readily available to all dealers and stores, and lists things like upcoming promotions, upcoming phones, software updates, and so on. Because it is so readily available it is often leaked. nothing i ever post will be any information from my store. If i post information about upcoming sprint information, it will ONLY be information that I acquired through other news sources, stuff that is already leaked, and these sources will be directly linked. I would never do anything to risk my job.

I like to talk tech, which Is why I am starting this blog. Its not to make money, its to inform people of whats out there, how to do things, and how tech can improve their lives.

My grammar and spelling can be off at times, so please feel free to let me know in the comments if something needs correcting!

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