Thursday, January 31, 2013

Google: Give Me a Nexus TV, and Take My Money

At my current residence, cable and internet are included; cool. However, I will be moving in August to a place where utilities are not included, and the only option is Charter. Charter's service starts out at $90 a month for the first year and goes up to $110/mo after that. That is for Basic (oh soooo basic) Cable and 10 Mbps Internet (the internet by itself is $39.99).

I want to "cut the cord."

Google TV looks like a product with so much potential. Full Web Browser on my 50" tv? Hell yeah. Playing games, running apps, watching streamed content for 1/4 the price of cable each month? OK! Letting me download full seasons of my favorite shows for about $15 per show/per season (there are like two I care about that are not available via live streaming). Sounds like you have a deal.

But here is what I want. I want to spend less than $200 on my hardware. I want it to be reliable, not freeze, not reboot, not lag. I don't want to fight my TV like I used to fight my HTC Hero. Here is the issue: no matter how much you spend, there is no gTV product on the market today that has this. Not the Logitech Review, not the Vizio Co-Star, none of the Sony garbage that is out there. Nothing. And the future does not look great, I was not wow'd by the Asus Qube.

And Google TV does not offer every service I need. If I'm spending money, I want:

  • Full Web Browser
  • HBO GO
  • Netflix
  • Hulu Plus
  • Amazon Instant
  • Crackle
  • Games would be fantastic
  • Need to be able to purchase seasons of shows for < $20
  • Smooth (holo based) UI
  • Good Remote Control

Now without a current Google TV device that fits the bill, I could look to other options, but here is the problem

  • Xbox 360/PS3 - new generation of systems is right around the corner, controllers are made for gaming not TV navigation
  • Apple TV - limited content, very locked down, apples DRM kills me
  • Roku - No Web Browser, no option for games (games are not a deal breaker)
  • Boxee - No HBO Go, No Hulu
  • XBMC - Not Plug and Play, building a powerful enough rig is too much money

We need Google to put something great in our living rooms and change the game, just like with phones, and with tablets, the platform will not improve until Google forces it to, and sets a standard with the Nexus Program. Google has all the tools they need to make a $99 set top box, and give dev's incentive to make great apps. Google would make a killing off of the ads they would be putting in the center of our living rooms rather than just our computer monitors and cellphones. I just don't know what their waiting for. If they don't release real Nexus device soon, I get the feeling they never will.

If Google made a "Nexus TV/ Nexus Q^2" would you buy it?


  1. I just purchased the MK 808 with jelly bean and I must say, it's much better than the Google TV. All the apps that work on my Nexus 7 all work on this little device. NFL game rewind, Dish anywhere and much more. Every app that runs on Nexus 7 runs on this little device. The only thing it does not have is the pass through and prime TV. I still love my Google TV with my DVR box but this device is perfect for someone that doesn't have cable

  2. These all work on the MK808
    Full Web Browser (yes with flash 11.1)
    HBO GO (yes)
    Netflix (yes)
    Hulu Plus (support coming)
    Amazon Instant (Yes but side loaded)
    Crackle (Yes)
    Games would be fantastic (all the games that work on a tablet)
    Need to be able to purchase seasons of shows for < $20
    Smooth (holo based) UI
    Good Remote Control (yes)

    1. sounds great, I will for sure look into this as an option if a new gTV does not come out, what are you using for a remote?