Monday, January 28, 2013

What is NFC?


Many new Android phones have this little logo on the box, on the sales tag, and under the battery that says "NFC"...but what is it?

NFC or "Near Field Communications  is a fairly new technology that has potential to change the way we live. It is a form of an RFID tag that uses low power, and allows for an exchange of information. It is most popular as a feature in the Samsung Galaxy S III known as "S-Beam." Many of you have seen Samsung's TV Ad (check on youtube), where the wife "makes a video" and instantly shares the video with her husband before his long plane ride.

NFC can also be used to share picture, contacts, websites, and even launch apps with "NFC Tags."
You can buy NFC Tags like Samsung's TecTiles, program them with Samsung's easy to use TecTile App to do whatever you want with the tap of your phone. For example, I can program one to, "turn on my WiFi  turn off my Bluetooth  and dim my screen." I can then  place it in a door jam to tap when I walk in the house. Or perhaps I would program one to "turn off my WiFi  turn on Bluetooth  and launch my GPS app, and stick it to my center counsel in my car, so I can just tap and drive.

Finally you can use it to pay for your groceries at some retailers with apps like Google Wallet (which i will discuss in a future post) or the upcoming app called ISUS

Want NFC on your iPhone? Too bad, because Apple does not yet support it.

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